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You count on SiteCrafters to handle the tech side of your website, make it useful, make it a revenue stream, make it efficient for you. We know that and do all we can to make the tech side of a website "invisible" to you. Still, things happen and sometimes different...

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So you have a website … now what?

Without a doubt, the one thing that gets asked most in initial client meetings and once a site is launched would have to be "How do I get more traffic to my website?"  There are a few generalities that apply to all sites, but in the end the real formula depends highly...

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Staying in compliance with Google

This year, Google's "If you want to show up in our search results" mandate is that all sites shall have SSL Certificates.  As was the case with previous dictates from the organization that has a virtual monopoly on access to new site visitors, this is not a bad thing...

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