Focus on your business. We’ll handle the website.

After we create the perfect site, we don’t abandon you. We host your site on state-of-the-art servers wrapped with security that will give you peace of mind knowing that your clients can confidently use your website. We don’t let spam, hackers, bugs, and error messages keep you from focusing on your business. Leave all of those worries up to us – we like avoiding those issues – we are experts! We’re absolutely focused on delivering rock-solid reliable and secure hosting to our clients.






Our focus is simple when it comes to design. No, really … that’s it. The focus IS on simple. Simple for the site visitor to understand, simple to navigate, simple to find what you’re looking for. Simple, clean websites that are visually interesting and appealing will perform better than sites with a lot of visual clutter. So our focus IS simple.

The design process starts with us learning what makes you and your organization special. We learn your “story” and help you tell it in a visual and efficient way. From there, we add in the “work” you want the site to do and we integrate those tasks in a way that is consistent with the initial design we agree upon.


We power our websites with the most widely supported software in the world. A development community of thousands around the globe are writing solutions for sites just like yours every day and we have assembled the best collection of code available to meet the needs of the clients we serve. We can use much of that same software to provide cost effective solutions for you and your organization.

But let’s face it, one size rarely fits all. There are times when you may need something more specialized, more specific, that fulfills a need unique to you. That’s where we step in and write the code that makes your website sing. More than half of the sites we host and maintain have code written specifically for that site, that’s a level of service you can’t get from companies who collect your money every month and then expect you to do all the work yourself. That’s not the way to go, daddy!



Last year our hosted websites were available 99.995% of the time. When data breaches and infiltration were all over the news, the information on our hosted sites remained secure.  All sites are hosted on Virtual Private Servers at a World-Class Data Center (not some home-made box in somebody’s basement) with redundant data storage drives, redundant lines of communication to the internet, redundant power supplies and even backup generators to power the building in case of multiple power failures from different power providers, redundant HVAC resources for the building, and Bio-Metric security required to enter the data center’s server core.

Your site will be there when someone is looking for you.


Every day clients’ sites are scanned for possible security vulnerabilities and inappropriate software files on the server. If a vulnerability is detected – not a hack, just the potential for a hack – we either apply the appropriate security update or deactivate the vulnerable software until a more secure solution can be put in place.  On a monthly basis we see notices about potential security vulnerabilities in website software and if the notices happen to mention anything running on one of our clients’ sites – we have already applied the patch BEFORE THE NOTICE WAS PUBLISHED!

In addition to maintaining immaculate software powering our sites, clients’ sites are being constantly monitored for unauthorized access and updates. Further, the entire server is protected by both hardware AND software firewalls to prevent attacks at any level.

Proactive measures are the only way truly ensure a secure server for all SiteCrafters clients.


In addition to physical redundancy of every physical aspect of the data center, SiteCrafters website content including text, documents, images, and software is backed up on-site nightly as well as off-site to two separate data centers in different parts of the continent each week.  So no matter what may happen in different parts of the U.S. (natural disasters, storms, cyber attacks – you name it) SiteCrafters web hosting is always in a position to get things back to normal in an amazingly short period of time.

In the unlikely event that anything should happen to your website – SiteCrafters HAS YOUR BACK!



All the tech needs to be clean and tight – that’s the baseline here at SiteCrafters.  What should really matter is whether your website delivers results.  There is one goal here … every client’s website should pay for itself and MORE.  Many times more.

If we don’t meet that standard, then we need to take a long hard look at why and fix it.  And that we do in the rare case that we’re not getting rave reviews from our client.  At the start of each work day various aspects of clients’ site performance is evaluated.  Speed of page loads, Search Engine rankings, inbound traffic and more – if something isn’t performing well, attention will be given so there’s a better outcome.  Most of the time we can make the necessary changes behind the scenes, in some instances we need to engage the client to gain the best possible result.

The bottom line is that each website we host must perform in such a way as to improve our client’s bottom line!


Our websites help companies grow. As your company grows your website will evolve. Whether adding new products, changing store hours, adding more services, or posting a blog to boost SEO, we’ll take care of it.



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