Help us Help You!

by Jan 9, 2019

You count on SiteCrafters to handle the tech side of your website, make it useful, make it a revenue stream, make it efficient for you. We know that and do all we can to make the tech side of a website “invisible” to you. Still, things happen and sometimes different pieces of software don’t play well together – a setting gets changed as part of an update, whatever it is – something isn’t right. You want it all working right again as quickly as possible … so do we. We’re your “Tech Helpers” and here’s how we can work together to make that happen:

Start with exactly what the error says. Do not discount the very important meaning of EVERY word in the message. If you have someone who helps you with Tech stuff, you can do them no bigger favor (well, aside from buying them a beer) no bigger favor than providing them with the EXACT ERROR MESSAGE which is displayed on the screen when something doesn’t go as planned. Giving your helper a place to start can save a whole lot of time by providing a starting point for “the hunt”, rather than hoping the problem can be re-created on different equipment and in a different situation.

The next most helpful bit of information to pass along is exactly what you did before the problem arose. Those two things will make it immensely easier for your Tech helper to help you … then they can enjoy that beer after things are back to normal for you.

Once in a while you’re lucky enough to have help right on the screen! This doesn’t mean you are totally on your own but it could lead to a “quick and simple fix” that you might be able to address yourself – meaning you can get on with whatever you were trying to do without waiting for a response.

If you’re still not experiencing Tech Bliss after trying yourself – don’t feel badly, it’s probably an issue with a misleading, incomplete, or otherwise unhelpful error message.  This is the point where your helper will do the deep digging and get things right for you, it’s why we’re here!

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